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2021 (59th)

Highland Games

From: David Abercrombie, Chairman Lesmahagow Highland Games Society


Lesmahagow Highland Games 

Update as at 26th July 2021

This has been the most challenging of years in terms of tyring to organise a Highland Games event for the village, due to conditions resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Much of what the committee has planned for the postponed Games Day has been met variously with rejection, unavailability and severe restriction. We have had to lodge applications based on the different Covid levels, and we have considered what events could be held in each of Levels 2, Zero and Freedom Day+, which may or not be Monday 9th August.

SLC (who have always provided us with an outstanding service in the past), have written to the committee to say that they are unable to support any kind of event at The Glebe, even when ALL restrictions end, due to a shortage of manpower resulting from their efforts in supporting the Covid-19 response. Without this support it’s just not feasible for a small committee to try and run an event on the park.

You may be aware that there have been no Highland Games events or Pipe Band competitions held in the UK this year.

However, we are still going to hold a Chieftain’s Procession, and a Crowning event, but this has to take place off-SLC land. We will also be having several Games Week events as usual. There will be Pipe Bands, & Highland Dancing, with various other acts being lined up. The Crowning Event and entertainment will be on our normal Highland Games Stage, which this year will be located within the grounds of the newly opened Harris & Ollie's in Kelso Avenue.

Please be aware that even In Level 0, we are still faced with several challenging restrictions for both these events, and have had to submit both plans and risk assessments to SLC on this basis. For example, numbers attending the Chieftains Procession are limited, we have to record Track & Trace information for all involved, observe 1m+ social distancing, and have controlled entry and exit to the Crowning Event.

Shortly you will see details on this page and our website detailing what’s on and when.

What you can be sure of is that we will make this the best day possible, and still put on a show that will give the Chieftain, Tartan Queen & her Court a day to remember!

And that date once again is – Saturday 21st August 2021


Lesmahagow Highland Games 2021

We thought we'd provide a brief update regarding plans for this year; Today (19th June) would have been our Games Day, and it would have been the SIXTH dry and sunny day in a row! However, please be advised that we are currently in talks with South Lanarkshire Council over just what we can and can't do on our rescheduled date of Saturday 21st August.

As you will be aware, the various Covid restriction levels have changed and are likely to change again before our rescheduled event takes place.

There WILL be events in the week leading up to 21st August, such as car treasure hunt, walking treasure hunt & decorated scarecrow. Detail on these events to follow.

We ARE looking to hold a Chieftain's Procession (not sure about floats yet), we ARE going to hold a Crowning event on The Glebe, and we ARE going to have a smaller Games event, which at this moment (in Level 2) is likely to be in a fenced off area with controlled entry and a numbers maximum. We ARE also looking to have a funfair on The Glebe.

Other than that, its a case of 'wait and see'. We may have to adjust & adapt plans as we get nearer the date, depending on Covid levels and restrictions, obviously.

We are very hopeful that the village will once again hear the sound of the 'pipes very soon...
Lesmahagow Highland Games Committee



In light of the current situation, and with so many things unknown about how the Covid-19 pandemic is going to impact all of our lives over the coming months, the Highland Games Committee has considered the various options open to us.
With an event scheduled in June, we would need to be making supplier bookings from around now, and applying for licences etc – none of which would be confirmed in the current circumstances. Several similar events scheduled for June have already been cancelled.
However, there are some reasons to be optimistic about what may (or may not!) be possible later in the summer, and with this in mind, the committee has therefore elected to postpone the Games, and reschedule the event to Saturday 21st August.
Please bear in mind though, that even with a postponement of the date, it may still not be possible to hold the event, and most probably not in the current format in any case. We are aware of the need to hold some kind of event for our village as soon as we can, but will obviously have to follow both guidance and the law very strictly when the time comes.
In postponing Games Day, we give ourselves a better chance of holding the event, rather than simply cancelling the June date for the second time. We have chosen the 21st August date following consultation with Pipe Bands and our Heavyweight convenor, taking account of the other event dates during August.

David Abercrombie
Lesmahagow Highland Games Society



ON 9th February 2021


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